Ticket to Ride

The separation is complete. Jim and I are in Jackson, Wyoming, and Katie is in Salt Lake City. Just popping in for a quickie post before I hit the sack.

I had to pack a lot of nagging into a very short time while we rode TRAX to Temple Square. At one point, Katie rolled her eyes at me--WITHOUT TRYING TO HIDE IT. I told her she is required to listen to me as long as I am in her presence. She wasn't having any of it, but I continued on relentless in my duty as a mother to give advice: "Now if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable on while you ride the train, you get off at the next stop and call Sara and David or Art and Karen. They will help you. Make sure you get to the TRAX stop at least 15 mintues before the train is scheduled to leave and leave enough room in your plans to get to work at least 5 minutes early." Etc. Yes, we are bullying her into riding the light rail to work. The Sandy station is a park and ride just a mile or so from her house, and the stop she will get off is only two blocks away from work.

We ate lunch downtown, pointed out various points of interest, passed the same crazy lady wearing orange and carrying a brown floral backpack FOUR times. Then we boarded the train, made snide comments about the recorded train voice who said, "This is a Sandy train" over and over. "We'd better sweep it!" "The other train is a Danny train." "Some kids tracked in dirt too!" Etc.

And then suddenly it was time to go our separate ways. Katie was ready for us to leave. It's been an intense day and a half and she was itching to meet up with her friend Karisa. She has plans to see some friends from church who moved out to Murray tomorrow night. And then she's going to a party on Saturday. Tons to do and we were beginning to get in the way. I had to think happy thoughts so that I wouldn't be a blithering mass of advice and nagging and reminding. I want her to be an adult, but of course, I'm not quite convinced she knows what she's doing. But she will be fine. And Jim and I will too.


froggybaby said…
Somehow, she'll figure it out and get where she needs to go at the right time. We did! I guess if the separation is event-filled and stressful, it won't be teary. Pretend it is just a vacation. A long one. I'm glad she had some plans for the weekend. When does work start? Have a safe trip home.
Jen said…
Give yourself a hug because you did a great job letting go. I don't know that I'll be able to do the same when it's my turn in 13 years. Katie is such a wonderful and responsible young woman, and she will be able to do whatever she sets her mind to do.

See you soon, Sara and Jim!!