Silly Feet linky

Because I love shoes, I must pass this along:

Craziest shoes from around the world

I could look for hours. And I would love to sit for hours and try some on. I wonder what heel-less heels feel like to walk in? And the red patent ballet shoes with heels.

When I was a kid, I would draw high heeled shoes for hours. Sadly none of them were as creatively weird as some of these shoes. But I did draw some REALLY stiletto-y shoes. And I liked drawing ballerina feet en pointe.

Even now, when I go out in public, I would rather look at people's shoes than people's faces.


CindyInSanJose said…
FISH flip flops! Awesome!
But, best of all, clearly the shoes of the Grand High Witch are displayed and if I have to tell you which ones they are, then you'd better get out your copy of The Witches and do a little homework. And if you haven't read that book or haven't heard of it, well, clearly you need some serious remedial children's literature courses.