"I have no idea where I am"

"But I know I'm in Utah."

Those were Katie's first words to me this morning. She'll learn her way around eventually.

Last night we dropped Ben off at his sister's house in Centerville. His sister has THE cutest dog in the entire world! It's a miniature dachshund and it was giddy with excitement to meet new people. I didn't help unpack Ben's drum set because I just had to cuddle that little doggie! I have a soft spot for doxies and this one jumped right into that soft spot and wiggled around and made herself at home. must...resist...buying...mini...doxie...

And then through the darkness and on a freeway that I've never actually driven on (and KATIE was driving and I was riding with her) I guided Katie right to Art and Karen's house. Seriously, I went straight to it, having been here only a handful of times and the last time was 6 years ago. I usually get lost VERY EASILY, but this time, I followed my hunches and they led me in the paths that I needed to follow! Yay! Jim was following way behind us in the truck so he was no help.

Today, we take Katie to Sam's Club for an interview and then we purchase various pieces of bedroom furniture and get her situated.

mapastubz, Katie is postponing her freshman year at college for a year. She is moving to Utah to establish residency so she can go to the U as a resident next fall.


Dennis said…
You know how I feel about dogs in general but Doxie's and Beagles are very special. Laurie's mini doxie is a lot of fun. You should have seen her with Josh's horse of a dog. Give in to the force, you know it will rule you in the future so you might as well give in now and save yourself years of frustration. Get a dog, you know you want one.
mastubz said…
Thanks for the heads up. I guess I was just assuming BYU, since both parents attended there.
I have a mini doxie I will give you. She is cute and cuddly, but annoying. She has always had a big dog to boss around, but now that Sage is underground, and Dacia the mini horse is back in Iowa, Weezer thinks she can boss us around. She is a nice heating pad on cold winter nights, though.
Jake said…
Laurie, what's a cold winter night in CA? 50? Just curious.

Sara, Jim, Steph & I took Dylan to meet his first grade teacher and I'm having some trouble with him being in school all day. I have tried to put myself in your position. I might even do what you've seen Jim do only once. BTW, was that when the A's won the world series? and yes, I agree with the two before me. Get a dog, there is no way you'll ever regret it.

Jake, no, that was not during the world series.