This post is for Vieillefemme

Cindy, I was instructed to take these pictures, on special request from your husband.

He said, "Someone needs to take a picture of me helping!"

The stove was nice and clean after he was done with it, so you can rest assured that if you give him the same task at home, he will do it well.

And the jam was excellent! I got grief from people for not wanting to share it, so I caved. I still have some left, though.


Jen said…
Ha ha! I'm sure Jim's wife will appreciate those and maybe use them as evidence that it is possible for him to help clean:)
CindyInSanJose said…
I want you to know that Jim is excellent help! He does the laundry, takes out the trash and unloads the dishwasher! AND with a smile! When he got home from this trip on Monday, he emptied the dishwasher before I got home!

He is also a terrific taster! Just in case you are wondering if what you just made tastes good - he's ALWAYS happy to give his opinion!

Thanks for looking out for him - he arrived home somewhat the worse for wear but nothing that can't be fixed. He's pretty finished with driving, however. At least for awhile. I'm taking him away for his birthday weekend, but only to Half Moon Bay.
JiminSavage said…
Cindy, I'm so glad that dad was able to come. Have a great time in Half Moon Bay! The jam was excellent btw. -Jim