Find empty piece of wall. Bang forehead on it. Repeat until a hole develops...

Spackle and repaint the hole. Start all over again.

I used to think I'd have a nicely decorated house. I do love looking at home decor magazines and websites. But then I had children. I've given up on the home decorating front and am millimeters away from giving up on cleaning all together. It's hard to believe you'll ever have a nice home when you come across this:
Children. What are they good for? Finding amusing and surprising places to put office supplies.

Yes, I love my children, yes, I spend time with them. Yes, I do realize that a close and happy family is more important than an antiseptically clean house with matching stylish furniture and fingerprint-free appliances.

But do I have to suffer this kind of injustice everywhere I look? My few efforts at home decor are undermined at every turn by five miscreants, each with a subversive sense of humor. And these miscreants ARE OF MY OWN MAKING. I had to practically stuff my mouth with cat hair and leaked pillow stuffing to muffle the laugh building in my throat when I saw the pencil sticking out of the candle.


froggybaby said…
AARGH!!! Does no one respect anything? Not here, either. At my house, we have dryer sheets that no one sees but me. It amazes me. I think it is a spell.
Jen said…
Yes, I have fallen victim to the same symptoms in my home. Crayons and chalk seem to be my children's favorite weapon of choice. My newish sectional is usually the object of focus. However, it's the never ending mountain of toys strewn all over the house that goes away no matter how much we pick them up that really drives me nuts.