Run Away!

I missed most of Paul's cross country tryout. I thought the race started at 8:15, but when Jim and I got there at 8:16, the first runner was about 100 yds from the finish line. So no picture, but we did get to see Paul's third place finish as we were walking to the race from the car. He's on the varsity team!

First place went to a junior, and second place to the senior captain. Then our little Pauly! A couple of other freshmen made the varsity team too. So they have a young team.

On the docket for the rest of the day: clean the house and pack up for Monday's trip. And make chili for Katie's farewell dinner.

One of these days, I'll get a picture of Paul running. That's my new quest. A running Paul is almost as elusive as Bigfoot (the real one, not the fake one).


Dennis said…
Way to Go Paul! That's outstanding.
froggybaby said…
Run, Forrest, Run!! That is really great to have made Varsity as a Freshman!! He'll go far (pun).
Jake said…
congratulations, Paul! Now you can ask yer Mom and Dad for a letter jacket. You may as well start asking now, helping out when you haven't been asked, etc. I truly feel that instead of your given name stitched to the left breast of your new letter jacket, you should seriously consider having PAVL sewn in. Knuckle Jake.

Sara, Jim y Katie, buena suerte con su viaje al Utah. Ojala que lleguen en un pedazo. Katie debe hacer un blog para todos pueden chequear comom es ella. Beuna suerta y felicidades con el proximo parte de la vida, Katie.