Green Table excursion

We traveled to Mesa Verde on Tuesday. The cliff dwellings are always interesting (to me anyway). Some of the group didn't get to see the dwellings because of a broken radiator.

The dwellings are surprisingly small when you get up close and personal. Of course that is seen through the eyes of a suburban middle class house dweller. The people who study these dwellings estimate that up to 150 people lived here at one time. That's like packing all of my street and the next street over in the area equal to my yard. I think I'd branch out on my own.

The kids are waiting in line to descend into one of the dwelling's several kivas--an underground circular room with unknown purposes (unknown to me anyway. I was more interested in capturing the moment in pixels than learning much about what the rooms were for). Those of us who got the tie-dyed shirts (thanks again Jen! They turned out simply fabulous!) wore them for the trip and we got lots of looks and comments. It was easy to tell where my children were too.

Paul comes up from his turn in the kiva. Notice the small opening. Perhaps this is why I did not go down.
Michelle (Jim's youngest sister), Jim, Jim's mother, and Tammy (Jim's sister)
A sense of proportion

Matt, Hayley, and Maddie
Anna, Annie, and Paul pretend to grind grain.