About today

Ten reasons today is a great day:

1. Jim is still in his forties.
2. But not for long...
3. He doesn't look as old as he says he is.
4. He doesn't act as old as he says he is.
5. He promised me that he won't ever have a midlife crisis.
6. We get cake!
7. And lots of frosting!
8. And homemade enchiladas! (oh wait. I have to make them! Sigh. But I'll do it!)
9. We're going out to lunch!
10. Happy birthday Jim!

Picture hopefully to be edited into this post later. Maybe I can get him to smile for the camera at lunch today.


Jen said…
Happy Birthday, Jim! I hope you enjoy the day. Save a piece of cake for me:)
Jenni said…
Happy Day!! Enjoy every bit of it! Especially the cake!
Jim said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes Jen and Jenni! Thanks for lunch, Sara!! I really enjoyed getting away from the office and it was fun having your mom there, too.