Leprechaun poop

That's what we called the mint M&Ms that I put on people's plates last night for St. Patty's day. See? We also have mint Hershey's Kisses and Rolos for the treasure. Corny and silly, but the kids enjoyed it. So did I.

See Paul's face? Click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see the expression in more detail. He's never been photogenic. He always has a scowl on. Notice how he is stacking his Rolos. He built a little fort out of candy as we were getting ready to eat. Hayley is jiggling the jello and wishing she could dive right in.

This is a better vantage for full food viewing. I'm not any sort of Martha Stewart; my table settings are usually haphazard and messy. But if I were to go all out and make everything look just right, I'd be spending several hours placing things in just the right spaces and then it would take the kids mere nanoseconds to destroy the fine table and they wouldn't have noticed how nice it was in the first place. Jim did manage to scrape together 6 green cups of various shades and material so there is some cohesion in the place settings. (you can also see how far Paul progressed with his candy fortress at this point. He's very weird, uh, organized)
The only food not on the table was the cabbage, which I made everyone eat. Otherwise there were mashed potatoes (which Hayley and Matt plied with green food coloring--just their own potatoes. No one else wanted green potatoes), broccoli, corned beef, and green jello. Oh, and lemon/lime Kool-aid, which tasted exactly like the jello.

So that was our St. Patrick's Day celebration for dinner (Lucky Charms for breakfast).

Today Hayley had an allergy appointment so now she can get back on her Advair. We learned that she still needs Advair. When she goes off it, she needs the nebulizer at least 3x daily. Sigh. We were out of Advair, her rescue inhaler (mostly because everyone in the house uses it occasionally), and her nose spray. She was miserable this week for lack of medicine.


Shantel said…
looks like fun!
Jen said…
Paul looks just the way Mike looked in all his pictures during his teen angst years.

The dinner sounds delicious and very green.

Poor Hayley! I know she must be feeling rotten. I hope the Advair works wonders for her and quick.
You always do such cute holiday stuff. Matt has pictures from his high school years with that exact same expression on. Must be a teenage boy trademark.
Jenni said…
I'd love to live in a Rolo house. What a fine way to spend time. I like your dinner. Wish we would have had a fun one like that. sniff Glad Hayley has medicine now and is feeling better.
Jeannine said…
I prefer that my green foods are naturally green as opposed to green with food coloring, but my dad once made green potato salad to take to the potluck they were having at school for St. Patrick's Day. Hardly any of the teachers would touch it, but the weatherman from the local station was there to talk to the kids and thought it was interesting enough to mention on the news that night.