An attempt to clutter up the kitchen counter even more

I'm sprouting wheat kernels.

Last week, I had a project for Fake Child--growing wheat grass. She enjoyed spreading the seeds on the dirt and misting them to keep them wet. (My kids have gotten into the fun of it too. I'll catch OJ misting the seeds and Matt will ask if he can do it too) The grass is now close to two inches high.

When the seeds had just sprouted, I got a sudden, daring (as daring as I get these days) urge to eat one. I didn't even rinse it off. I just popped it into my mouth. I liked the texture. I ate a few more. I let Fake Child eat a few too. I made OJ eat one.

Now I am sprouting some wheat for my own eating pleasure. Mom gave me a sieve-type lid for a Mason jar specifically for sprouting and I popped that on a clean jar and in three days, I should have salad fixings of wheat sprouts! I could also make bread but I will save that experiment for later.


Mike said…
Sprouts of all kinds (wheat, bean, etc) are loaded with vitamin C. I have always wanted to sprout my own food storage beans to make bean sprouts for sandwiches etc.
I'm sprouting my food storage wheat. The health benefits of sprouting are many and, boy howdy, it is easy!
Jen said…
Don't know about how I would feel about eating grass, but I love to grow that stuff. I did a little display years ago of 3 wheat grass plants. Mike got mad at me because I didn't keep up on the trimming (or water), and they got out of control. It was easy, fun, and cute though to do.