Wrecked cake

Haydle-dee turns thirteen on Sunday--is the world ready for another teenager? To celebrate, she and her friend went to the mall this afternoon. I didn't think she was the mall-going type of girl, but I was wrong. She bought some kind of Japanese fizzy drink. The Japanese have invented some weird process for bottle opening: no cap, simply a glass ball you have to hammer out of the way with a special tool. Then as you drink, the glass ball floats around inside the bottle doing who knows what to the liquid. It's just plain weird, and way more difficult to open than a simple bottlecap! But then they eat with chopsticks, so I guess it's no surprise. Hayley eats with chopsticks sometimes...she's turning Japanese, I think she's turning Japanese, I really think so! (name the band who sang that song)

Back home, we had her birthday dinner. She didn't know what she wanted for her special dinner with the special birthday plate until last night. I offered all kinds of menu possibilities: hot dogs, spaghetti, tuna casserole, etc. She said, "No way. I don't want hot dogs because that's the dinner you and Dad fix us when you are going out somewhere special and you don't have time to get us dinner. You just put hot dogs in a pan and leave us to eat a pathetic dinner at home." (Wah, by the way. POOR CHILDREN!) So what did she finally choose? COCKTAIL WIENERS. Yeah, she turned up her nose at hot dogs, only to say yes to......SMALL hot dogs. My eyes rolled so far back in my head I got whiplash. (at least cocktail wieners are just as easy to fix as hot dogs) She wanted green beans, tater tots, and fresh pineapple too.

And now for the piece of resistance: her cake wreck cake!
Up close:
I won't list all the cake wrecks we stole from the website, but Hayley had a good laugh. She didn't want to know in advance which wrecks we stole from because she wanted to see if she could recognize them. Her favorite is the Admiral Ackbar figure:Matt helped me with that particular decoration. You can tell by his face what he was most helpful with:

Hayley blows out her candles, rationing her breath very carefully so that she isn't stuck with any lit candles, and therefore boyfriends.
Here is Hayley with her sole birthday gift.
It is named....Pineapple Juice. She didn't know what to name it while I set it up for her, so I suggested Cranberry Juice since it was a cranberry color. She said, "No, Pineapple Juice." Um, whatever.


Jenni said…
Very wrecky indeed!! We got a good laugh out of that and the hot dog story. Ha ha ha ha. Glad you had a good time. And yes, it is hard to believe that after all those years of little kids, you now have only one little kid.
Jen said…
First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAYLEY! You really do look like a teenager now which seems impossible to me.

The girls had some of that Japanese soda at our local Japanese steakhouse once. They didn't actually like the soda inside, so it was a waste of $3.50 per bottle (grrrr). Mike really wanted to figure out how to get the marble out (like a big kid and typical Mike). BTW, the song is by The Vapors. I really hope Hayley isn't turning Japanese. Have you ever seen any of their game shows? They are weird people.

The Cake Wreck is a MASTERPIECE! I recognize at least 6 cake wrecks that I've actually seen on Cake Wreck, but the Admiral Ackbar and stick figure with the spiky face/hair are new to me. Fun idea!
Madi said…
Okay... so what in the world is a wrecked cake????
Dennis said…
Happy Birthday Hayley and welcome to teenagehoodness.
Jessie said…
Happy Birthday, Hayley!!!
That cake is hilarious! I love the glops of frosting poo!
And I know exactly what Japanese pop you're talking about! Bon gets those once in a while as a special treat. Isn't that glass ball thingy befuddling?
Shantel said…
Happy Birthday Hayley!!!!!Great Cake!