Can you guess what Other Jim is doing?

He's doing it late Friday night when he really should be in bed.
But he needs it for tomorrow morning.
He's going to Rochester
Just to ask a girlto Prom.
Prom isn't til May 1st, but it's never too early to ask. He says she knows about being asked and he's pretty sure she'll say yes. He's sure enough to invest time and money into asking the question via T-shirt.

OJ is in Rochester, and Jim and Hayley are on their way to Utah to see Kate. Paul was working out with his shirt off so Matt and I decided to go for a walk.
We walked to a local pond.

Matt had a honking conversation with the geese and read the signage.

I took pictures.

Tomorrow maybe I'll post pictures from a birthday party.


Jenni said…
Cute shirt and he did a nice job on it, really. I see a lot of home made tshirts and his is very nice. And what a nice afternoon activity - the walk. Looks like the ice is unstable right now. Hello Spring!
Jen said…
Wow, looks like he really wants to go to prom with this special lady. Good luck to Other Jim!

Hope Jim and Hayley are having a safe trip and enjoying themselves.

What a beautiful day for a walk. Can't say the same for us here this weekend:(