Today's mystery

Why is it that I'll tear apart a room to find a stray M&M, but I can have 15 pounds of chocolate chips in the pantry (it's true--I weighed them) and not eat a single one of them? And I know they are there. I see them every day.

The trick with chocolate chips is keeping the rest of the family out of them so we can save them for brownies and cookies, both of which I love with all my heart and stomach, and can (and will) eat whole pallets-full. But not an unprocessed chocolate chip.

Plain chocolate chips=meh.


Jen said…
I have to say I'd prefer M&Ms to chocolate chips, too. I think choco chips are too bland by themselves which is why we still have about 20 pounds of them untouched as well. Could be the crunch, outer shell that makes M&Ms tempting enough to destroy your house searching for them.
Jenni said…
I love chocolate chips. I love M&Ms. I love cake. I love Girls Scout cookies except for the ones with coconut (vomit). Did you find the M&M?
Yes. In my bra drawer, in a bra cup. It looked pitifully small in such a spacious environment.
Jenni said…
ha ha ha. One of my friends (of ample bosom, herself) commented on fb that she found her son's pacifier in her bra - from yesterday!! She is always pulling stuff out of her bosom like her cell phone and such.
Dennis said…
For you chocolate lovers I will post a to-die-for cake and frosting recipe. Just ask Jessie if it is good.