Gearing up

For another teenager in the house. Do you realize what this means? I will no longer have two little babies ! Come the 21st, I will have only one little baby left to me in my middle age! Every one of my other babies defied orders to stay little and cuddly by growing up!

My second youngest will be 13. Dear, sweet Hayley enters the years of teenage turmoil. And once she finishes with her teenage years, she'll probably be gone, just like her older sister (Hi Kate! Kate had a good time at the Brian Regan show and she is all moved into her new place! Send pictures of yourself, Katie!). Which is not a bad thing. Katie's doing fine all on her own, and we hear from her often so we know that she hasn't forgotten about her parents. So I don't despair too much about Hayley growing up. I do wonder though, what happened to that little girl who liked Teletubbies and wearing nothing but tights and 3D glasses. I could have sworn she was right here a second ago. Now I have this anime-loving bassoon player instead, who doesn't like to wear tights (but fortunately she will wear pants and shirts).

Hayley finally decided on a theme for her birthday cake, just in time! She wants a cake wreck of some kind. Can do! I can wreck a cake with the best of them! Now I just have to pick out some cake wreck elements to put on the cake. Any ideas? I am going to write "Hapy Berthday Hailee in blue" on it (in red of course). What else? Naked baby carrot jockeys? Poop swirls? a flash drive? Your input is needed!


Have you ever seen those cat litter cakes?
Jen said…
It is unbelievable to think you are a mother of several teenagers, an adult, and one not far from teenagedom. I'll wait to wish Hayley a happy b-day because I know it's not until next week. My vote is for the poop swirls. I think you could get arrested for the naked baby on carrots cake (for some reason Mike and I found ourselves watching "To Catch a Predator" for the first and last time last night, so creepy).
Jenni said…
WOW. I remember when she was borned and we all thought she looked every so slightly Asian. She is a great kid to have around.

Didn't know Katie was moving. Did things go south with roomies? That happens sometimes. Happened to me! Glad all is well and that she had fun at the Brian Regan show.

I would love to see you try your hand and wreckorating. There are soooo many options. Poo. Carrots. Don't do anything too inappropriate, though!!
Shantel said…
Should I admit to you that I clicked on the link to cake wrecks, and Joel and I stayed up until 1:00 A.M. Laughing our bums off???? No. I am not going to. I will take that secret to my grave.
No, don't admit that to me, Shantel, because then I'd be compelled to share with you that Hayley and I live for updates to that site. And that Matt has had to make a run for the bathroom several times when viewing that site and laughing too hard.