In threes

Final test, being in charge of a large-ish activity, and laryngitis. Those three things sort of knocked the desire to blog out of me for the past few days. Then there was the band concert last night, which I went straight to from children's choir, where I did not take Matt because he is coming down with something. It was a good thing I had children's choir, because I was able to pass the buck in dealing with Hayley forgetting to bring her clarinet home for her concert, which was going to be at a different school than where her clarinet was. Jim was able to deal with that particular mishap and Hayley was in her concert chair on time and ready to play. He deals better than I do.

I think I did pretty well on the test. I am confident that I passed and that's supposed to be all that matters (but I am well aware of my tendency to expect 100% and nothing less will be satisfactory).

Tonight, another band concert with the possibility of an emergency trip to the ortho for Paul who says pieces of his braces are falling out (nightmare theme: things falling out of mouth. shiver!). How on earth do I fit an appointment into an already-filled calendar block in my planner? I'll just have to write it in the margin.


Jen said…
Paul's got pieces falling out of his mouth. That can't be good. I hope you can find the time to get him to the ortho.

I'm sure you'll get your satisfactory 100% because you are one smart cookie. Great, now I'm thinking of cookies.
Jenni said…
I hate those kinds of weeks. I will have one next week. This week has been quiet. Tell Paul to lay off the gum, carmel corn, and laffy taffy. When Brooklyn came here last summer, ALL her braces came off. They had just been put on. Faulty cement.