Whack-a-Mole, cart return style

And a legend is born, a legend of a creature that lives among the corralled carts at the Shako Mart du Wal. The creature is stealthy, but even so, he must come up for air every few hours. He creeps among the wheels of the carts, gathering leftover donuts and forgotten cookies for sustenance. In order to keep himself hydrated, he licks wet carts after rain showers. Because he lives mostly under carts, he cannot tolerate bright sunlight; he must scavenge for lost sunglasses among the returned carts. He is The Creature of the Cart Corral.


Jen said…
Hahaha! Kind of gross though about his diet and how he acquires it. And how in the world did he get in between those carts?
Jenni said…
So, how did he get out?
How did he get in? He walked on the carts.

How did he get out? He walked on the carts.

Not quite as amazing as walking on water, but close.