More pictures from Utah, where I am not

Hayley plays Mario Kart (or some other Mario game with a first cousin once removed who is sitting in the chair and is three. Or four)I had to put this up on my blog because this is a picture of Jim's two cousins, Sara and Jenny (Sara is on the right, Jenny on the left). I met these two girls when they were quite young--Sara was six I believe (and now she is married, has her own child and another one on the way! And Jenny is married too, with two children!). Sara sat on my lap and was very friendly the moment she and I were introduced. We both liked that our names were spelled the "right" way. I knew I fit into Jim's family because of her. And I have a sister named Jenni. Two Sara-and-Jens! And they have a brother David! So that night I met them also happened to be the night Jim proposed (much later after everyone had gone home).

Here is Karen with one of her grandsons. Karen, like Anne, has not aged one BIT since I met her that night at Anne's when I got to meet Jim's relatives.
Here are three of my favorite people! They are having fun without me though. But someone had to stay here with three of my other favorite people.
Katie likes little doggies.
Jim is on the phone with me now, having just started on his way home. Here's to hoping that they have a safe trip.


Jenni said…
More fun pictures. Really good to see Katie. I have met a number of "Sara and Jenny/Gini" combos in my life. They go together like pbj!! And, doesn't everyone have a brother named Dave? Travis does.
Jen said…
Such a nice story about Jim's cousins and feeling part of the family. I felt the same way once I met all of Mike's siblings; I fit right in.

Katie looks great along with Jim and Hayley, but I get to see them much more often.