Home today

Jim and Hayley get home tonight. Yesterday was a bit of a doozy for them (just a bit. Like maybe just the first "o" of doozy). They got stuck for two hours on I 80 when it closed because of a giant wreck. After several hours of sitting in the car, and upon the advice of someone within cell-phone distance who had access to a computer, the internet, and thus the Wyoming DOT website, (i.e. ME) they got the heck out of Dodge (aka Bitter Creek Exit at mile marker 111.5) and drove back to Rock Springs and headed north on some backwater Wyoming country highway to go up through Casper and into South Dakota. Where they are now.

And let me tell you, the only thing more boring than driving through Wyoming on I 80 is looking at pictures of vehicles driving on I 80 on the semi-live camera shots on the Wyoming DOT website. (rim shot. Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week)

Anyway, on to more important matters.

Ten things I was able to do while Jim was gone:

1. Sleep with the best pillow on the bed! I really like Jim's pillow, but he won't share it with me. And I haven't been able to find it's like at local stores.
2. Put pots and pans in the dishwasher. Not that Jim is against that, but we never have the option because with 6 people in the house, the dishwasher fills up on plates and cups alone.
3. Sleep with the window open. I like a cold room at bedtime. There is nothing like bundling up with a bunch of blankets to keep me warm. I like breathing chilly air.
4. Skimp on the makeup. Oh wait, I do that anyway. Skimp on the deodorant then.
5. Eat leftovers for days on end. I guess I'll have to relearn how to cook for two people when all the kids move out. I seriously do not know how to not cook for less than six people.
6. Have the cat sit on my lap. Magic has relaxed quite a bit this week while his nemesis was away.
7. I tried to have the cats sleep in the bed with me, but they are so conditioned to sleep downstairs that they would have none of it.
8. Wash dishes in the morning. Jim always does them at night. I can't bring myself to do dishes in the evening. I've already spent so much time dealing with food by that time that I can't stand another minute in the 4'x6' area we call our kitchen. Dishes in the morning are not that bad (especially if you are washing very few dishes because you haven't had to dirty many dishes in the cooking process). And yes, I can sleep perfectly well knowing that there are dirty dishes in my sink.
9. Prune the bushes. I can do that while he is here, but I pruned them rather more than he would probably approve of (yeah, as if he would ever say anything or lecture me or tell me I did a bad job. I'm really only mentioning this because I have nothing else to mention for #9)
10. Complain that he was gone. I can't complain about him being gone if he's not gone. So thank you, Jim, for being gone so I could complain about it.


Dennis said…
Thanks for the tip on Wyomings DOT cameras. That's really cool. I viewed several sites (i could probably wasted most of the day looking at every site).
I can appreciate all you can/can't do with Jim gone. Sharon is gone too and I find that I can leave dishes on the sink for several days and they don't magically find their way into the dishwasher. I did break down and buy a nice T-Bone steak for dinner one night and I had to take the remnants out to the trash the next day because even I couldn't take the odor any longer.
My vacation will be over Sun night.
Jen said…
So glad Jim and Hayley made it home safely. What a pain in the hiney to deal with traffic issues. We've yet to go on a family road trip where traffic caused major delays. On the way home from my mom's house years ago with just the girls and me, I ended up getting off the road at 8:00 p.m. to stop for the night after sitting in the same 100 foot range for 2.5 hours. It was insanity, and the girls were beyond patient by that time.

Nice to hear that you had some peace and quiet during your solo time. I tend to be a loner and love when I have the place ALL TO MYSELF.