One track mind

The birthday cake. I can't stop thinking about it. I tried to leave the house for a walk, but the cake conspired with the weather to make the sidewalks slippery and nearly impassable for foot traffic. I was herded back to the house to be tortured by its chocolately goodness. I'm trying to avoid even being upstairs with it.

I'm trying to shake the reputation I have around here by NOT eating the cake. I overheard Hayley talking to Katie on the phone and Hayley said something about wanting a cookie or something but there aren't any left. Then I heard the muffled sound of Katie's voice on the phone and Hayley replied, "Probably" and then laughed. I asked her what Katie said and Hayley answered, "She said most likely you ate them while we were at school."




Jenni said…
My most understanding condolences.
My mom asked for the brownie she wrapped up and saved from the party.

I ate it.
Dennis said…
"I like milk and cookies". There is a cookie monster in all of us. Home made chocolate chip cookies are the best in the world, especially when eaten BEFORE being baked (that is if the chips last long enough to be put in the batter).
Jen said…
I'm the say way, I'm afraid. If there's anything sweet in the house, then it's all my little brain can concentrate on. The girls have caught on to this and always preface the bringing home of candy from school that I'm not allowed to eat it all or at all.
TaterBean said…
omg...i didn't mean it like you were a pig...just that you wanted it for yourself so you ate it before the sibs could enjoy it... LOLOLOLOL