Prom prep

So Other Jim asked a girl to Prom. And all I said was that he was pretty sure she was going to say yes.

I never followed up on the story.

OJ gave Edna the shirt and she said "Maybe."

Then he went to take a shower because they had just played basketball. While he was rinsing off, Edna made this:So, "heck yes," OJ is going to prom this May 1st.

And this is what the neurotic kitty does when his neuroses have left the house for a few days:He becomes a lap kitty and a beggar for attention.


Jen said…
Hooray for O.J. to grab himself a date for the prom! Love the kitty picture. Your cats are so weird and definitely neurotic.
Jenni said…
Does she call him James? Jim is even hard to get used to! The cat picture is so funny cuz your cats don't do that.