A very quiet Sunday afternoon but an energetic Saturday night

It's almost too quiet. People are either gone to Utah, gone to work, gone to sleep, or engrossed in a book. I should be making dinner for those few left in the house but I think I'll blog instead.

Last night I took Matt to his cousin's birthday party. Owen turned three and Marissa had the party at a gymnastics school.

This is the foam pit where Matt and Dylan (another cousin) spent most of the time. See that flowery patch above Matt and Dylan? That's Dylan's sister, Maya, who, by the looks of things, has faceplanted into the foam cubes. Apparently it's hard to navigate through the cubes. And you can't touch the bottom because it's 8 feet down.

Here is the birthday boy with his daddy. I can't believe Owen is already three!

Here is Matt, taking a flying leap into the foam pit from the trampoline runway.
And here are two of my brothers engaging in some fun that no doubt reminds them of their childhood: throwing stuff at little kids. The little kids in this case are Dylan and Matt. Jake and Dave showed no mercy with those foam cubes. Matt and Dylan didn't seem to mind being pelted.

Here is my niece Maya, who showed me her winning smile. She's a cutie-patootie. And she actually talked to me last night for a sentence or two. Normally she scowls at me. Hopefully we're getting over that phase now.
A different angle of the trampoline runway. Matt is running on it.
He emerges from the pit
Owen spent a little while in the corner of the foam pit by himself, enjoying the environment.
The party at cake time. Owen is at the other end of the table.Marissa's mom made two train cakes and many cupcakes to feed the kids. Pretty cool!

Matt and Dylan had a good time together.
It was a fun party. Thanks for the invitation, Marissa!


Jen said…
Looks like a fun time! Wish we could've been there, but there seems to have been a crowd as it is.
Jenni said…
1. I need a foam pit.
2. The kids look like they had so much fun.
3. The "boys" look like they had fun, too.
4. I'm glad Maya is talking to you.
5. Owen looks to have had the time of his life.
6. Wish we could have attended.