Choose your earworm

And by earworm, I mean the second definition in the link.

When I am home mostly by myself, I like it quiet. No music, no TV, no sound at all, unless I'm talking to the cats. Quietude helps perpetuate the pretense of time standing still while I'm at home. With no sound to aurally remind you of the passage of time, I can pretty much convince myself that I'm in some kind of bubble outside of the ticking of a clock. This has been a secret I've kept for a long time because a) I participate in music-intense activities, b) I'm married to someone who likes music and c) he likes to hear it constantly. And really, I don't mind when he is home and puts in a cd, but when I'm home by myself, NOTHING. Not even humming.


Lately, I have not been allowed to keep up the pretense of non-time through quietness. I have been afflicted by earworms.

First earworm This is thanks to Hayley and Matt who LOVE this commercial. Then they sing it ALL the time. And then I sing it. And then my brain sings it for HOURS.

Second earworm I made the mistake of slinging a Disney cd into the player while Fake Child was in the house. Of course, she loves Disney songs and so I have been badgered into playing the cd quite often. And this song is the first one on the cd. My brain must still be hooked on my princess phase of my early childhood (and middle childhood and late childhood. And I can hear my sister say now, "Uh, you still think you're a princess") because I have to listen to this over and over and over until I want to smash every candlestick and teapot and piece of silverware in the house against a very sturdy cement wall.

Third earworm I love the 90s cable show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and frequently check the Twitter feed of one of the major MST3K players, Mike Nelson. He posted on his feed that this song was stuck in his head so I clicked on it. It comes from one of my favorite episodes and Hayley and Matt and I have been singing "Pu-ma-man, he flies like a moron" over and over and over and over. It's catchy music, I'll give it that.

Fourth earworm Another cd I put in for Fake Child. She sings this song even without the cd playing. And Matt and Hayley know this song too. I hate jellybeans.

Does anyone know how to turn the audio off on a brain? I can't stand it!


Jenni said…
I like the "Filet o Fish" song the best. It is funny because the other day, I found my long lost iPod and without even listening to it, I had a Pink Martini song in my head and ended up dancing all though school yesterday with my own music. ALL DAY. I think I frightened them.
Jenni said…
And I'm also glad that neither of us has the 1st kind of earworm.

Word Verification: uncat
Jen said…
#1 Mike spent days which seemed like months singing that song because he liked it a lot, so I also had that earworm. It is a funny song though.

#2 That would be annoying to have in one's head. I even stopped it before the actual song played for fear it would my earworm.

#3 Hey, you've been holding out on me. I've not seen that MST3K flick. This earworm I wouldn't mind.

#4 Luckily, I wasn't able to play this one because I think it's another one that could drive me insane if stuck in my teensy brain.

The worst earworms are the ones where you can't recall where you even heard it but yet it incessantly plays in your head. Enough to cause madness. I had an 80's song (that I never really liked the first time) and couldn't figure out how it even got there. Finally, one day it was in recent commercial and helped me solve the mystery but still was an earworm for a while longer. I would reveal it, but thank goodness I can't remember which song it was.
Dennis said…
Maybe you should try something from Metallica.