Movie night

Jim and I went to a movie last night: "Ghost Writer." I read about it in the paper and thought it looked interesting. But it was playing at only one theater in the whole area. It must be some kind of indie film or something.

The movie was playing at the Uptown Theater, which I had heard of but wasn't familiar with it. And as we drove to it, Jim mentioned that he'd passed the freeway exit on a daily basis but hadn't ever been to this part of town since we've lived here. Both of us thought the Uptown would be closer to downtown (but since it's called Uptown, I thought later, we assumed wrong). There is a movie theater downtown, which I have been to as a teenager--but I can't remember what it is.

Anyway, I would love to wander around the Uptown area. I love all the old buildings and funny little shops. I wonder about people who live above the funny little shops and what the apartments look like up there, especially the one with the purple light emanating from it.

The theater had a line snaking out the front door and, surprise surprise, I HAD been to this theater before back in my teenage years. Three times in fact. The Uptown is where they had the midnight showings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." I even drove one time on a very snowy night--that was a scary drive.

The Uptown has only one screen and the whole theater is OLD. The seats we sat in were probably the SAME seats I sat in as a teenager. They are threadbare and the springs don't work. We sank down quite far in them. One lady behind us remarked to her husband that once you sit down, you aren't getting back up again. And a guy next to her said, "I have a couch just like this."

The crowd seemed to be quite joyful in a sedate way. Jim and I realized that we were on the younger end of the crowd and wondered how such a movie drew such a mature audience. Maybe the only people who heard about the movie were people who read actual newspapers and people who read actual newspapers are those with several years of life experience under their belts. There were NO kids in the whole theater. It was very interesting.

The movie itself was a political thriller with a slight dash of black humor. We enjoyed it and wondered about some of the ambiguities left for us to decide at the end. I'd like to see it again.


Jenni said…
I've seen promotions for it and you say it was good? Hmmm... will investigate further. Glad you had a nice evening out, visiting old haunts!! Kindof fun to go somewhere different that has some character.
I recommend it. Ewan MacGregor and Pierce Brosnan will never disappoint! (oh, Remington Steele, you have aged so well!) Ewan MacGregor's nekkid hip (and a butt cheek or two) is a plus too.