Not here

Jim and Hayley aren't here. They are there. "There" means "with Katie." They left Saturday morning and arrived yesterday afternoon. Jim wanted to take some stuff out to Katie and asked Hayley if she wanted to come with. She did. She's on Spring Break so she's not missing anything.

Jim is staying with his aunt and uncle and that is where they had dinner last night. Aunt Karen is a party-loving woman and she whipped up a dinner and a birthday cake for Hayley since yesterday was Hay's birthday. (PS Hayley is staying with Katie--sister sleepovers!)

Hayley and Uncle ArtJim
Jim and his two daughters and his mother, who drove down from Idaho to see them all. Hi Anne!
Jim and Anne (who hasn't changed at all since I met her 22 years ago)

And this is Jim's cousin Sara and her husband David. They took care of Katie the first year she was in Utah. Thank you!
Unfortunately, Karen took the pictures and didn't take any of herself so I can't post a picture of her! I hope that there will be more pictures forthcoming from the Utah trip! I'm not there so I can't make sure that pictures are taken. Thanks, Karen, for taking and sending these!


Jen said…
Looks like Hayley and Jim and being well taken care of. So glad they are spending time with Katie who I'm sure enjoys having family visit her. Hopefully. we'll be able to meet up with her this summer while in UT.
Jenni said…
They look to be having fun!! Katie looks great. Love the picture of Jim, the girls, and Anne!! Have a fun time guys, and safe trip home!