Getting ready for the holiday (the one that isn't Jenni's birthday)

St. Patrick's Day, that is.

I'm not Irish and neither is Jim, but we (and by "we," I mean "I") can't pass up the opportunity to have a themed dinner. Hayley is on board for it as well. She suggested green mashed potatoes and green jello. Short of serving corned beef (which I am not familiar with), what else can we do? Any suggestions from you, the reader (all five of you)?

I'm thinking stir-fried cabbage and/or broccoli. Green paper plates and Hershey's Nuggets for decor (and that's as far as I will go to decorate).

In other news, we had ANOTHER band concert last night and this time Paul and Hayley participated. All-district band concerts feature three bands: 6th grade, middle school Honor Band, and the Wind Ensemble from the high school. I worked on an assignment for my new class but I listened as I wrote. Matt came with us to the concert and came away enthusiastic for band next year (not that he wasn't before, but he was even MORE enthusiastic). Plus a friend of his was in the 6th grade band and he wanted to say hello to Colton. I didn't bring the camera, but you have seen enough pictures of my kids in band to know what they look like when they play an instrument.

Today, Paul gets his stitches out from his mole removal. I hope he doesn't get weak-kneed. It helps that the stitches are on his back so he can't look at what's happening and get queasy. Next week track starts so he'll go back to running on Monday. He wasn't supposed to run vigorously or lift weights while he had the stitches in so we're getting them out just in time.


Dennis said…
I'm told that corned beef is relatively to prepare (I just don't know how) and I don't know where the idea that corned beef is somehow Irish but corned beef and cabbage is a good choice. Grandpa Ritchie disliked the Irish very much, he called them drunken sots )a sot is a drunkard so he was doubling up on his description). You are a little bit Irish so it's ok to celebrate. Just don't go to St. Paul.
Has that been proven? Last I heard Laurie only thought so.
Jen said…
I have no suggestions, and I'm at least 25% Irish (there could be more). We may copy your idea and what you have listed thus far though because I know the girls would love it. Mimi has asked me everyday this month if she needs to wear green today. Poor thing doesn't understand the concept of weeks.
Dennis said…
As far as I know Mary McCulloch (my great, Gread grandmother) was born in Ireland. Laurie should know this and my mom keeps referring to her Irish side of the family and that grandpa ignored it.
Dennis said…
I should have looked before I spoke. According to NFS Laurie says Dundee, Scotland and Andrea says Ireland. My mom also says Ireland. I don't know what proof anybody has.
Jenni said…
I'm so glad that my birthday is finally registering as the holiday it deserves to be (another themed dinner - Chinese and decorate with purple). Enjoy the band concert and we don't mind seeing other pictures of instruments. Our family does the same thing!!
Shantel said…
St. Patty's is Joel favorite holiday. We are both Irish, but he is REALLY Irish. We allwyas have Corned Beef and Cabbage. You cook Corned Beef just like you do a roast. Super Easy and Yummy. Lucky Charms for Breakfast - and you have to have an accent before he will let you eat them.
Oooh, Lucky Charms for breakfast! Thanks for the idea, Shantel. And maybe I will try the corned beef. And the accent.
I turned to the receptacle for all the good ideas I might have if I took the time to think: Google.

See? I'm a genius.