Picture dump time with three quiz questions

This is Jim, Ben, Katie and Karisa. Guess which state we are in? (Five points)
This is the desk that Art liked so much. Now that it's lavender, Katie likes it too. She wants to paint her chair to match.
This is the house where Katie lives now.
This is Katie sitting at her new desk on the chair she wants to paint, next to her futon. See the unmatched socks under her chair? She brought them. I don't know why. They have no matches. I am supposed to watch for the matches here and then send them to her. But I don't know which socks they are. So I told her to take a picture of the socks and email the picture to me.
This is Katie playing Sara's piano.

This is Katie driving around her new city. Guess which street she's driving on? (1 million points)
This is the cool menorah on Sara's piano. Guess why I love it. (10 points)
This is Jim showing Katie how to check the oil. Just one of the many things we tried to teach her or tell her about or advise her on before we left
This is Katie waiting for the TRAX train to stop. We rode it from Sandy to Temple Square and back again.
This is Katie, all excited to be on her own.


froggybaby said…
Nebraska, Bangeter, cuz you love Smarties and tehy are necessary for many things including medication on road trips for not going insane.

The lavender desk is tres chic.
Dennis said…
Smarties are also good at church (if you can quietly unwrap them) or if you are thirsty. That's a great use for a menorah although my Jewish blood says otherwise.
Jake said…
Katie, I have a suggestion or two for your new desk. Next spring when you find yourself wistful for blossoms and blooms, look around for a higher end greenhouse. Call before you go so as not to waste a trip and ask if they have lavender. If they do, go get some and put it in a vase one your desk (with a coaseter or something so as not to ruin the finish). Then get some slightly more or less "lavendery" paint, and stencil the word lavender on the desktop. Then when people ask you what the plant is, you just refer to the name painted on your desk.

Also, when the lavander soon dies, you can dry it and use it in muffins, cookies, cakes, etc and it gives eveything a very nice flowery (and yes, lavendery flavor). But just so there is no confusion, use the plant not the paint in baking. I'm actually not sure how the paint tastes. It looks yummy, but you might be wasting the paint if you eat it. It may even say on the can if yer supposed to eat it or not.

Knuckle Jake
Katie Evans said…
Jake, that is an excellent suggestion ;) But what kind of plant is lavender???

And put them in my food? Does it really taste good? Yeah...paint tastes bad...I won't try that.

Mom, do you even remember what street we were on??? I doubt it.
katie evans said…
was the street you were refering to S 1330 W? hehe I looked it up, so i'm sure i'm right...that is the street with the hospital right?
do i score 1 million points?
Yes, I do remember which street it was. And there are too many threes in your answer, Katie.