An account of the day

Things I did on my 41st birthday

1. Chose not to exercise
2. Practiced piano. The fingers do not care about birthdays. They threatened to forget every single chord of the Children's Choir Christmas repertoire if I didn't take them for a ride across the ivories.
3. Went to lunch at PF Chang's and ate a scrumptious shrimp dish and devoured a flourless chocolate dome for dessert.
4. Needlepunched
5. Sauteed mushrooms for a dinner I was not going to prepare.
6. Browned a pound of ground beef for the dinner I was not going to prepare.
7. Talked on the phone several times
8. Played Battleship with Matt and kept forgetting to finish the job of sinking his ships.
9. Watched two AWFUL shows. One was the movie "Practical Magic," a mess of a movie that couldn't decide what it wanted to be--horror, romance, Divine Mumbo-Jumbo of the Ya Ya Sisterhood (which also starred Sandra Bullock) knock-off, or kitty litter. The other one was a truly abysmal offering of Christmas cartoonage called "Frosty Returns." I watched it with Hayley and Matt until John Goodman (as Frosty) began to sing about the environmental necessity of snow and then I fled to the computer to ease my suffering with its soothing cyberbalm. I need my brain fumigated after watching such horrific visual sewage.
10. Wondered why no one remembered that there is a cake waiting to be eaten, candles to be blown out, a song to be sung. And then finally, at 9:15 p.m. someone remembered.


Jen said…
Glad you got to do some "exciting" things on your birthday. I wish I could have eaten at P.F. Chang's with you. I love their chicken lettuce wraps. Of course, I would have loved that chocolate dessert. I can't believe your family almost forgot that there was cake. My kids would have bugged us until we went crazy. I concur that "Practical Magic" is pure rubbish. I couldn't even finish it when it was on t.v. once. Awful. Awful. I also can't stand watching those kids' Christmas specials. Even when I was a kid. And why were you preparing a meal you weren't supposed to be cooking?
froggybaby said…
I LOVE THE CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS! We all should go to PF Changs at the same time and call each other. ALmost like we were there together! I am with you on the sequel to "Frosty the Snowman." The original is a classic. The sequel is garbage and is not allowed on the DVD while I'm in the house. There is so much good stuff to watch, that there is no need to watch that one. I love "Little Drummer Boy," personally. You know, the one with Joshua. It is adorable.
well, I guess I'll have to have the chicken lettuce wraps next time I go. Did I have them last year when we went, Jenni? You were there and you remember that kind of thing.

Yeah, that Frosty sequel was an abomination. Even Matt and Hayley agreed that it was terrible.