I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas

Actually, not really. I like this weather, except church was canceled. Normally, I wouldn't mind church cancellation, but since this is the Sunday before Christmas, I was looking forward to hearing the congregation sing a couple of my favorite hymns nice and loud while I play (and literally pull out all the stops. Except the organ I use doesn't have pull-out stops, it has switch stops, sigh).

Christmas plans are all set, Christmas presents are all bought (except for Hayley's present for Matt and a couple of gift cards), Christmas cookie dough is being made. I have dough in the fridge for three kinds of cookies--molasses, chocolate pinwheel, and Andes mint. Today maybe I'll do the oatmeal dough for the Hershey bar cookies. Pretty soon my fridge will be completely filled with cookie dough, with no room for stuff like milk and eggs. Oh well, Christmas is not a time for eggs and milk, it's a time for COOKIES! And cardamom bread, which I will make Monday.

Guess what Jim did yesterday while I took Hayley and Matt to piano lessons? He primed the sewing room walls for painting! He says it will be all painted by Monday (he's taking Monday off work at the Horsey and Wagon place and he doesn't work that night delivering pizzas). We are miles ahead of my plan for having the room switch completed by next summer! Woohoo!

Time for a couple of pictures. I plan to post pictures of my Christmas nativity scenes up to and including Thursday. I don't have many nativities and none of them are anything special, except maybe the white set that Jen glazed for me. But I like decorating the blog and this is the way I will do it.

First, here is a picture of snow for Jen. Enjoy! If anyone else would like snow for Christmas, there is plenty here in this picture. Feel free to enjoy it with Jen. She won't mind.
This is my glass block nativity with lights inside it. A friend gave it to me last Christmas and I love how it looks when all the lights are off in the living room.


froggybaby said…
I appreciate the snow. I'm flattered that it was all for me. How lucky to have a "get out of church free" pass! Our advisor forgot to plan a lesson so she just went to RS and left us holding the rope. I could have done without that. I'll post later. Enjoy the cold and snow!!
Dennis said…
Sara goes to a wimpy ward. We had church and meet in the same bldg.
Save about 2 doz molasses cookies for me.
I really like the glass block nativity.
Jen said…
Sara, we also had church cancelled, but we were out of town anyway. I'm really hoping my team teacher had already planned her lesson and will want to go ahead and teach it this Sunday so that I can get 2 Sundays off from teaching. That would be great:)

I wonder if they'll do the Christmas program even though Christmas will already be over.