Wii wish you a merry Christmas!

Someone called my husband and asked when I was going to post Christmas pictures on my blog. And I promised that I would put some up as soon as my nails were dry (I got two colors of nail polish in my stocking! Jim knew just what colors to get!). So now my nails are dry and I need to fulfill my promise.

But buckle up because there are lots of pictures. Don't worry--if you say "Forget this, I'm not looking at all her holiday pictures," I won't be offended. You only have to look if you really want to.

The first set of pictures is from Christmas Eve.

Mom likes to entertain. Here she amuses all by busting out her moves with the dancing man. Owen had fun playing the harmonica.
Matt did a headstand for more than ten seconds. I didn't know he could do this.
Sidney helps Sophie do double duty with a harmonica while Sophie also operates the dancing man.
Now on to Christmas morning.

Jimmy gets the tomtom he wanted. Believe it or not, this is his "I am extremely happy and I would like to jump for joy but I am a teenage guy and so I'll just smirk" face.
Hayley got a Webkinz kitty. Also take note of the charm bracelet on her arm. She made it from a shrinky-dink jewelry kit she got.
She also got a Nintendo DS game. And purple pajama pants from Grandma, which she wore all day today.
Jim is pleased to find out that he got me nail polish. He's so thoughtful!
Yes, wii got a wii for Christmas. I caved on my "NO VIDEO GAMES" stance. But I played it today and I had such a good time! I love the Wii Play and Wii Sports games! I named my Mii Ivey. I don't know why.

Here is Jimmy playing Wii Golf with his GIRLFRIEND, Catelyn. He picked her up by himself. I wonder if he used his jimjim (er, tomtom) to find her house?
Matt got a green iPod shuffle. He can listen to music that I tell him he likes!
Matt got a Webkinz squirrel. He was so excited that he started vibrating. Matt LOVES squirrels.
Paul FINALLY gets full ownership of his letter jacket.
And here is the rocket man wearing his status symbol.
Do you remember when I mentioned that I won a charm bracelet? I got it in the mail day before yesterday and I love it. Today I got my first charm. Hayley made me a shrinky-dink strawberry and put it on my bracelet. Isn't it pretty?

Dad, I wish I had taken a picture of you with the kids while you were here. I'm claiming that all that cholesterol we ate for lunch clogged the arteries to my brain which caused me to not think of it. Thanks for bringing the ingredients for the punch. And thanks for the picture disk!

Jake and Steph, thanks for coming over and bringing food. I'm glad you were able and willing to come over today.

We here at the Evans household wish all of you a merry Christmas and I want to thank you for keeping up with us through this blog.


Jen said…
Merry Christmas,
Looks like quite an event, good job with all the gifts. I remember the salad days of carefree xmas break. The making of explosives with components from new gifts. Sneaking out onto the lake to burn large bags of wood shavings from Garys shop because I didnt have to get up for school...sigh. It was fun to watch the girls get excited over getting gifts though, they went to bed early tonight after running in high gear all day. Also, a canning update; I will be canning split pea soup made from the Christmas ham bone, results later.
froggybaby said…
Great photos. It looked very exciting at your house. What nail polish colors do you like? These are questions that plague me at night.

My work verification is "traphick." Never thought of spelling it like that.
Jake said…
Sara, thanks for having us over. Maya didn't actually fall asleep until wii pulled into the driveway. Then I took Dylan to see Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. I guess it's his first PG movie. It was pretty good. I think Steph will enjoy it thoroughly. Thanks again.

Dennis said…
Thank you for inviting me over. It may take a week or so for my arteries to unclog but the food was excellent.
No pictures of me is ok. I forgot my camera and now that we have a digital there is no excuse for not bringing it along. I had fun playing Wii (even though I vowed not to play). Jessie was surprised that I gave in and played but being beaten by a girl at baseball is too humiliating.
Jen said…
I wish we could've participated for the Christmas dinner. It looks like you guys all had fun and were stuffed full of good eats. The kids look very happy with their presents. The Wii must be such fun for the family to now have. I'm pretty sure Mike will never let us own any video game equipment as long as he is on this earth. Guess we'll be coming to your house to play.

BTW, what's a tuddruzz? It's my word verification.