Thin blanket of snow

This post is by request from my husband. Yes, he asked me if I would take a picture of his truck and post it where his dad could see it.
There. Little Red now knows what it is like to be covered with snow. See the icicles hanging down? Poor Red must be cold, being so newly transplanted from the Golden State. But she didn't complain. She's a trooper.

Jim is staying home from work today, using up his vacation days that won't roll over to the new year. His plans are to possibly tape in the new sewing room to prep for painting. Those walls, being the walls of the former sleeping area of three boys, are in need of cleaning up. You can actually SEE the history of pretty much every cold, stuffed nose, sick stomach for 6 years (that's how old the old paint job is) and every picture that Matt cherished enough to tape onto the walls.

The Christmas tree is up, lit, and decorated. A few of my decorations are up around the house, but I think I'm missing a box or two. I am missing my wall hangings, most of the Christmas stockings, some tiny fake Christmas trees, and an assortment of wooden objects.

I am very tired. Fake child came early today, as she did yesterday, and I'm feeling the earliness in my bones. I might have to lie down again.


Jen said…
Poor Little Red! She looks so cold and lonely. Tell Jim to at least drive her around the neighborhood or something.
Oh he does. Yesterday was just her day off since Jim had to drive the boys to seminary and Red can't fit all the three boys that need driving (Jimmy, Paul and the neighbor boy, Tom).
Karie said…
A Ranger! We have a Ranger, but it's grey and lacks a name.

Also, snow! What a novel sight. I hope not to have that sight around here anytime soon.
Dennis said…
I love Little Red. If she gets too cold she can come live in my garage.
Mike said…
I didnt know that her name was Little Red, is she aware that she has a truck cousin Big Blue?
Karie--do something with "Walker, Texas Ranger." (Cuz you are in Texas and you have a Ranger) Like your last name or something like that.

Yes, Dad, I'm sure you would love to have her come for a long-term visit.
HA, Mike, I will tell Little Red about Big Blue. But they did actually meet last weekend, didn't they? At least they would have seen each other.
TaterBean said…
we just got some snow in utah today. that was a pleasant surprize. i'll post a picture or something. oh...i'm gonna send you a candle too. it smells of christmas tree or pine or whatever it is, because i'm so disapointed that you got a fake tree. i'll send that in like a week or two when i send jimmy's christmas present. i cant believe you would buy a fake tree... :( oh, and put up my stocking. you dont have to put anything in it on christmas, just put it up
Tater, :P

Fake tree=easy and fun for Hayley and Matt. And faster in general. I do miss the pine smell, but that only lasts a day or two anyway.

And I don't think I'll put your stocking up. I think I'll send it to you with something in it.
froggybaby said…
Love the snow. Wish we would get some. We got frost! If you got real ambitious, you could scrape a bunch of it off all the grass and make a mini-snow ball.