The squidger of Life is playing Tiddlywinks with my brain cells. Ting! There goes another brain cell skittering off under the couch after a particularly enthusiastic tiddle! The scattering, squoping, and gromping of my wink-y brain cells has left me little gray matter with which to compose an interesting post. So I shall talk about the cats.

The cats keep getting into the little fake trees I set up on the entertainment center in the basement. Yesterday I found a little ornament bulb shattered to pieces, presumably by a feline's canines. I will have to move the display upstairs.

Both cats like to sleep under the Christmas tree. Magic shook the tree when we first set it up, but after a good verbal thrashing, he hasn't done it in my presence again.

OK I've talked about the cats.

Weather? OK how about that? Weather talk is so ingrained in the average Minnesotan's set of social customs that I can have very few brain cells and still be able to carry on a lengthy discussion of the type of weather with any other average Minnesotan. Anyway, the snow gods have seen fit to ensure a white Christmas early on; we got another 5+ inches overnight. We made the boys stay home from seminary because Jim had to carpool to work and couldn't drive the boys and we didn't want Jimmy to drive more than was absolutely necessary this morning. I couldn't drive them to church either. So they got an extra hour of sleep. Paul chose to take the bus to school rather than have Jimmy drive him. I had to drive Hayley to school early for band and the roads were difficult to drive on. Jimmy was gone by the time I got home. Presumably he made it to school ok because I haven't heard from him. No news is good news, right? (for Jenni: No guh-news is good guh-news with Gary Gnu).

My last remaining brain cell has Carnovsky-ed and I must go faceplant myself on the bed to recuperate. Or eat breakfast.

Check out Tiddlywinks for explanations of Carnovsky, squop, gromp, scrunge, and squidger.


froggybaby said…
I'm thinking of joinging the Tiddlywinks Association.
Jen said…
You've thoroughly confused me.