I loved watching hockey as a teenager. Then I moved to a hockey-less place for a while. When I came back to MN, there was no hockey. When MN finally got a new hockey team, they priced the seats out of a regular working Josephine's price range so I haven't paid much attention to hockey in recent years. But last night I to a Wild game with a friend who had an extra ticket and I was reminded that I still love to watch hockey. I love the non-stop action, I love the fist-fights (and there were at least four of them last night), and I love watching opponents being checked into the boards. One Wild player checked a Calgary player into the boards last night and flipped him on his back. It was AWESOME.

I'd prefer watching the North Stars--North Stars memorabilia brings an acid reflux-like surge of nostalgia--but I'll settle for the Wild (and yes, I'll gladly hate the Dallas Stars for being the former North Stars).

Sadly, the Wild lost in overtime, but I got to be a teenager again for a few hours (except my friend at I talked about babies at one point. For that conversation I definitely wasn't using my teenage store of knowledge).


Jen said…
What fun! I can't say I share your same passion, but I'm glad you got to do something nostalgic. Mike took me to a few hockey games when we lived in MN. I was usually miserable because I never came prepared for the chill of the ice. I'm sure the Wild's establishment is much more high tech and doesn't require the fans to dress for the outside in winter.
Mike said…
did Willie Plett play? If you think that's exciting, you should try attending a semi professional open foosball tournament. Sara, I have taseted that excitement and it is good.
Willi Plett playing? I WISH.

What is "TTWCMH" I know what MH means, but don't know what the rest of it is. Is it like your level of foosball playing-ness?