Deck the blog with festive photos, fa la la la la, la la la la

I should make up new words to old Christmas songs that reflect the new cyber world. But I have other things to do today. I suppose I could just list some titles, though.

"O Come all ye Bloggers"
"O Christmas Flair, O Christmas Flair" (for all you facebook Flair application fans)
"Joy to Youtube!"
New first line to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" could be "You better not troll, you better not flame.."
"Frosty the LOLcat"

OK, time to think of your own. Comment with your list of updated Christmas carol titles.

On to my promised display.

This first picture is a tradition. Every year, I put the kids' pictures on an ornament. I have a family ornament from every year since Katie was a baby. This year's ornament (which I have not yet made) will be the first to actually show a decrease in number of children. Matt says he's kind of looking forward to eventually being the only one on the 2016 and 2017 ornaments. And then I guess I'll stop doing them.

This is an advent calendar for the fake child. Every day she gets to glue a cotton ball on Santa's beard. The coloring is her own design, but she did ask me to draw a heart on the picture, which you can see just beside the ball on Santa's hat.
This is the first advent decoration in my decoration collection. I made it at a church activity. It's somewhat decrepit and it is missing the tree stump, which kept breaking off. The kids insist on having it out so they can "do a bead."
An advent wall hanging. This was easy because the fabric was preprinted with Santa and the tree. I just had to assemble it and cut out the ornaments.
This one I had to piece together. But the ornaments were done with a group. I made a dozen or so mittens and presents to hang on the tree and we exchanged.
Every year, we hang the ornaments from the bottom up and I get a little tickly in my tummy when the tree starts to fill up.

So what decorations in your home do you favor?


It's December 17th and I still can't find my tree or ornaments to unpack them.....errrggghhhh.

And I haven't started Christmas shopping...
Jake said…
Sara and all who look here, the fake Christmas tree from Mom's house is still in use. All of the pieces are still together, even the little short pieces that coil around the metal rod in the center. Steph and I were discussing replacing it maybe next year, but still keeping it for maybe a downstairs accoutrement. We are in need of more space to display all of the ornaments we've received over the years (thanks everyone!) I think the "tree" is about 31 years old, just a guess, though. Any help on that one? Maybe next year we'll just have a Festivus Pole. Dylan will officially be old enough to participate in the "feats of strength" by fighting his father. Mom if you read this, I'll explain it to you later.

I assume you'll be airing grievances too.

But what if Dylan opts out of the feats of strength, like if he's gotta work? Who are you going to pick to do try to pin you?

And keep an eye out for those irritating Festivus miracles.

Yeah, that tree of Mom's is probably that old.

Audrey, you'd better get shopping!
froggybaby said…
Festivus is such a great time of year. Sara, I like your advent stuffs. I'll have to post a picture of mine!!
Jen said…
I had commented yesterday, but I don't know what happened. Weird. Your advent calendars are all delightful. Thanks to my dad we now have 2 of them that the girls like to keep track of each day. Fun!

Our $12 Walmart Christmas tree is still holding up. I want to start anew next year, but Mike is making us wait until the pathetic tree falls completely apart.