Yes. It is cold.

My temperature ratings system:

80+ degrees--sweltering
70-80 degrees--a bit warm
60-70 degrees--beautiful
50-60 degrees--perfect
40-50 degrees--nice
30-40 degrees--refreshing
20-30 degrees--a bit of a chill
10-20 degrees--brisk
0-10 degrees--I could do with a hat and maybe mittens
less than 0 degrees--OK, I'll admit it's cold

The high today is predicted to be -3. And the kids still went to school. Matt is the first (and only) child who does not need to prove his macho-ness by going outside with the least amount of covering as possible. He likes to be warm so he happily gets his snowpants, parka, hat, mittens, and boots to go to school. I'm still trying to get my big boys to wear hats.

Of course on the coldest day in ten months (according to the TV news) I have a multitude of errands to run. Bank, groceries, personal visit, and a children's choir concert tonight. I'll be bundling up.

Jim is home today--he has plans to work on the new sewing room today. The chicken pox are still visible on the wall. I can't wait to be able to get all my craft stuff out of the garage. All my fabric is freezing! I have to pile on more fabric to keep it all warm.


Jen said…
I feel for ya, hun. I just looked at weather.com, and it's 5 degree here with a wind chill of -14. The wind is insane here. Since we're close to the lake and have a big, open field as our backyard, the wind is incessant and always fierce. I keep asking Mike, "Tell me again why we wanted to move here?" Then our garage door broke last week, so my car was parked outside this morning. We were greeted with 6 inches of ice covering the entire car (I exaggerate only a little). Mimi got to school 45 minutes late because I could only get her door open a little, then it was stuck open, and the car won't drive with one of those sliding doors open. Then I got to school and saw that Mimi was in charge of snack today. So off I went to the store to get snacks for the class. Can you tell I've been having a grand day?
Karie said…

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Don't ever move to Arizona, my friend. Though I am finding that 60-ish is the perfect temperature.
Yeah, Karie, I have a hard time in the heat. During summers here when it gets hot and humid, I want to go north.

Jen, Get the door fixed! Don't wait for Mike to do it!