Stuff I have loved lately

Black Adder season 3
A Bit of Fry and Laurie
House (the Fox TV show)
Jeeves and Wooster

All four of the above TV show DVDs feature various incarnations of Hugh Laurie. Hard to believe that the goofy and stupid Prince Regent in Black Adder season 3 is the mean-spirited and never-smiling genius doctor in House (with a flawless American accent). It almost puts me in mind to watch Stuart Little the movie. He plays the dad.

I feel the same way towards Rowan Atkinson; I find it hard to believe that the snide bird Zazu in Lion King is the same person who played the malicious and irritable dimwit Black Adder, and is also the same person who plays the rarely-speaking buffoon Mr. Bean. He also does a nice turn as a nervous clergyman in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Other things I have enjoyed lately:
Hayley's band concert
Knitting up a dishcloth from a very confusing and incorrect pattern--I had to rework it myself
Ham and lentil soup
A mix of Cheerios and Rice Krispies cereals in the morning
Finding a pair of nice black pants that fit
Fake garland with lights on the halfwall
Practicing piano--I'm getting better at the children's choir songs (have to play them again on Monday)
Body Pump class at the Y yesterday (went on a guest pass with a friend)--my muscles are happily sore today


Jen said…
I, too, am surprised to see how diverse Hugh Laurie can be with his acting. I'm always amazed to find out that "Americans" in movies are actually Brits. Yet I've not heard an American play British flawlessly to date. They always sound like they are overdoing it.

Rowan Atkinson is another one who plays dumb so well that it's hard to imagine him in any other role. We happen to watch a bit of "Bean" the other night with the girls until I had to leave for a church meeting.

You'll have to take pictures of your dish cloth collection.

Your mom mentioned the choir concert for Hayley and Matt and said they did quite well. I have 2 "concerts" coming up for my own children in the next week.
Dennis said…
I too enjoy "House". Hugh Laurie (I didn't know he was British) is so mean but such a genius. It's hard sometimes to follow the diagnosis and then the incorrect treatment and does it seem that Forman is never right? Another favorite show of mine is NCIS. Did you know that Mark Harmon was a star quarterback for the UCLA Bruins in the 60's and his did Tom was a standout tight end (no snide remarks please) for the LA Rams?
Karie said…
My favorite Hugh Laurie role is as Charlotte's husband in the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility. LoveloveLOVE him!
Oooh, I forgot about that one, Karie! I'll have to rewatch that.