On the third day before Christmas my true love gave to me...

A promise that the sewing room would be all painted today.

Doesn't really fit in the rhythm scheme of the song, but I don't care BECAUSE THE ROOM IS GOING TO BE PAINTED! I'd help (yes, really) but I have to babysit and go grocery shopping and take Hayley to buy her present for Matt. And Jim likes to paint anyway. At least when he has nothing else to do (he took the day off work). He got out his "painting CDs" so he can have music while he paints.

Today's nativity picture is a pillow I stitched several years ago. It's part of a four pillow set, the other ones aren't part of a nativity scene though. I love the sheep's legs. And yes, the color is painted on with craft paint.

Yesterday=no church meetings. So I knitted this. If I add some yellow french knots in the middle, I'll have a poinsettia dishcloth! The hard part of this cloth was keeping the yarn on the needles at the end. The double pointed needles I used were nearly too short and stitches kept falling off the ends, especially the yarn over stitches. Starting was also a heckuvan adventure too because it's difficult to keep two stitches on four needles; it was like playing reverse pick-up sticks. It was keep-holding-them-so-they-don't-fall-out-of-the-stitches-and-try-to-remember-which-needle-to-knit-off-next sticks. Not a fun game. But it only lasted a few rounds. The actual pattern was easy to follow. I did have to figure out how to do a yarn over from a knit stitch to a purl stitch but I found an extra couple of brain cells to help me work that out and all was well.


Karie said…
Lots of cuteness in this post! Cute dishcloth, cute pillow. I can see why you love the sheep's legs.

Didn't you love Elder Uchtdorf's talk on God's joys being creation and compassion (RS broadcast)? To me, that justifies making things on Sunday, like the perpetual afghan. Or a beautiful red poinsettia dishcloth.
froggybaby said…
I love the dishcloth! WOW!! It looks so hard.
Karie, I did love that talk. It was so affirming! I also rationalize that I am putting my talents to use and also spending time with family while I knit.

Jen, as long as you can knit, purl, yarn over, and knit 2 together, you can do this dishcloth. srsly. Geez, you knit socks--you can knit this. And it's a free pattern online!
froggybaby said…
I know I probably can, I just convince myself that I can't. Now that I am on vacation I'll be able to look it up. Where again??
google Yvonne Hussey Double Flower cloth
Jen said…
Very cute dish cloth and to get affirmation from the church makes it all the more satisfying.