Dashing through the snow, in a two-door pickup truck...

This post has nothing to do with trucks or snow. I just liked that "two-door pickup truck" fit so well into the song cadence of Jingle Bells.

I have lots to do today and no time to sit at the computer and type up blog posts. And yet, here I sit, staring at the empty box of "tell the world (or the 8 or so family members and friends who are curious enough to check out the blog) what you think or did or like."

So here is my list of things to do today.
1. Bake cardamom bread. I had schedule to do that on Monday, but I had also scheduled myself to run errands that day as well, and if I had done BOTH, the world would have imploded and every body would have died horrible, painful, and even itchy deaths. So I decided to save the world from certain agony of not being able to reach the itchiest part of the back where you can't quite reach it to scratch at it. And death.
2. Bake molasses cookies. That was scheduled for yesterday, but I did four kinds of cookies yesterday and the day was so full that Tuesday actually said to me, "NO MORE. If you do one more batch of cookies, I will delete myself from your calendar for a month." And since I like Tuesdays, I stopped.
3. Make another batch of molasses cookies. I have to do a second batch because I suddenly came over all worried that I WON'T HAVE ENOUGH MOLASSES COOKIES! The dough I have in the fridge is in a small container and that won't make enough!
4. Pinwheel cookies. They are crying to be let out of the fridge.
5. Exercise. If I'm going to eat at all tonight, I'd best run myself ragged first.
6. Assign cleaning jobs to children. I have to bake. They have to clean.
7. Compose a post (not "compost a pose" as my brain keeps trying to tell my fingers to type)
8. Wrap presents
9. Worry that the present distribution is uneven in some way. Worry that we've forgotten to get out one of Jimmy's presents (that has happened twice. TWICE. We gave him a present a week late because we found it in the back of the closet on New Year's Eve. We wondered why he had looked a little sad on Christmas).

Nativity of the day: ceramic plates that tell the nativity story in four scenes.
This is new this year. I saw it in a store last year and waited until the after-Christmas 50% off sale in hopes that it would still be there. It was, and I snapped it up. I love presentation.


Jen said…
I have a list about as long, and here I sit, too, on the computer. It's also snowing another 2-4 inches after last nights 2-4. We got home from our trip and had to shovel the 3.5 foot bank the plows left for us at the end of the driveway. Actually, Mike was the one who shoveled us into our driveway while the girls and I watched from the warm truck.

Poor, Jimmy!
Uneven present distribution is my biggest fear EVERY year! It must be one of the burdens of mothers of 5 or more children. Merry Christmas Sara!
froggybaby said…
I LOVE THE NATIVITY PLATES!! So worth the wait. Have a great day!!