Laughter is the Best Medicine (but Claritin for my dust allergy comes in a close second)

Brian Regan is hilarious. Jim took me to see him at the Orpheum theater last night (per my request) and we had a great time. Brian was in fine form last night, even drawing laughs when he admitted he couldn't remember the words to his steroids joke. He paced the stage with pent up energy, and gave his full body to his art. (I sound like a newspaper reviewer) I thought briefly about listing the jokes he told, but a) they'd be less funny in this medium, b) I probably wouldn't remember them correctly, and c) I can't remember all of them. But I do remember being unable to breathe (in a good way) when he did his British accented scientist in the African jungle holding an imaginary pipe (he had to tell us he was holding a pipe). Then his British scientist, upon being told there were 125,000 gorillas over the next hill, escapes on a pogo stick.

I burned at least a thousand calories laughing last night. I coughed all the way home and this morning I woke myself up with squeaky breathing from having laughed myself into asthmatics.

Jake and Steph were there (although we didn't sit by them) with their children who were of the age to appreciate Brian's jokes and I gathered that a good time was had by all three of them.

And now on to matters of today's importance.

Let me share the wisdom I have learned in 41 years of walking this green green earth (or white white earth if you live in Minnesota, Canada, most of Russia, and tops of mountains).

Ten things about life from a 41-year-old
1. My hair CAN look good. Finally, after 40 years, I found a hairstyle that my hair and I both agree on. I do the styling and my hair cooperates.
2. Easy dinners are sometimes the best dinners. Hunk of hot meat, a starch, some sort of plain veggie, a salad, and a fruit for color. My favorite! (and yes, all EASY to prepare, especially if you make your children do it)
3. You don't get yelled at, made fun of, or even ostracized if you go to the grocery store without having showered that day. And no one tells you to your face that you should have combed your hair.
4. Children don't mind being told that they aren't going to win or that they aren't the best at something. "Mom, I entered a contest!" "Wonderful for you. I hope you do your best, but you do realize that you probably aren't going to win, right?" I've said it before, I bring reality to life, not dreams. Pessimistic and mean, you think? Shrug.
5. A load of laundry a day keeps the naked specter away.
6. Take pictures and not just of the important events.
7. Standard English usage is always appreciated, and prevents one from being laughed at.
8. It is possible to yell at your kids in such a way that they laugh and then obey.
9. Wipe down the cellphone with a cloth sanitizer once in a while. And the regular telephone too, while your at it.
10. Lists of ten things you've learned in 41 years are hard. Five things would have been much easier.


froggybaby said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am jealous about your Brian Reganing. I hinted to Travis to take me recently by putting the ad on his side of the bed. He threw the paper away. I enjoyed your list. So true, so true. Even at almost 40, I feel a certain freedom in being who I am without explaination. I hope your day is festive (vastly different from "Festivus").
Jen said…
Happy Birthday, Sara! And what a present to be able to see Brian Regan live. I'm way jealous. I can agree with most of your list, but I can't verify some of them yet until my children are older. Boy, I can't wait until they can help make the dinners.

I hope you enjoy your special day!
Karie said…
"A load of laundry a day keeps the naked specter away."


Happy birthday!
Dennis said…
Happy Birthday Sara.