Posting while eating blueberries at the computer

Aldi's sells the best blueberries. (And strawberries) I'm eating a little cup of blueberries right now. Plain, no cream or sugar on them. They look like little blue Christmas ornaments, and I'll wager they are tastier.

I must air out several pictures taken recently--they tend to get musty if stored in the computer without a good airing out in public cyberview.

Dec. 6 was Sadie Hawkins at the high school and Jimmy was invited to go. I didn't know that for Sadie Hawkins, the tradition is that the girl gets to not only ask the guy, but gets to pick matching outfits (I was always too scared to ask a guy anything other than "What did you get for #26 in the math homework?" and even then it was more to show the guy that I got the answer right. So I never went to Sadie Hawkins dances). So Jimmy's date picked out T-shirts for them to wear but you see that Jimmy did not want me to take a picture of him with the T-shirt on. In case you can't tell, it's a Pokemon T-shirt. It was the first, and LAST, time Jimmy wore the shirt. He generously donated it to anyone who wanted it. Hayley is the new owner.

He is a picture of a 41-year-old with pink fingernails (and cake).
Children's choir concert from last night. Matt is wearing the hat with strings that he couldn't stop playing with and Hayley is wearing a black hat and is standing in the back row.
Matt doffed his hat to sing "Little Drummer Boy" for the concert all by himself. I wish I could have heard him but it's really hard to hear when behind the piano.
Side note: the accompanist did MUCH better at this concert. She only messed up badly once, missing three measures. She recovered quickly and got back into the song without too much chaos. And in all the musical parts where she was playing without benefit of the choir singing cover up, she did well. She did forget two pages of music at home (poor thing) but the director kindly gave her the two pages from the director's copy, even though the pianist, in less concerty circumstances, could have played the two pages without the music.

Tomorrow I promise Christmas decorations (namely advent calendars. I love advent calendars). I spent all October decked out in orangey Halloweeny happiness, but haven't done the same for Christmas. Tomorrow, I promise some Christmas cheer to rectify that. And if you come to my house, I'll give you some eggnog. Or wassail. Or a cookie. Or you can give me a cookie.

Post Postscript: Katie starts the real job today. Yesterday was orientation. Her official title is "Retail bank operations specialist." Yeah, I know. Real helpful in telling us what she will be doing.


Karie said…
That's a nice-looking cake! And the 41-year-old looks nice too. The pink nails definitely make you look polished. Heh heh heh.

I'll trade you some peppermint brownies for some eggnog! If only we could find a way to meet in the middle.
Jen said…
Ha, ha. Jimmy had to wear a Pokeman t-shirt. I'm glad someone in your family is willing to take it off his hands. Your cake looks pretty and yummy. I wish I could've been to have half.

The kiddos look cute in their choir gear. Matt got to sing a solo?!? How exciting for him.
TaterBean said…
i like that hayley and matt are just standing there looking at you when you were taking the pic of jimmy. they look funny just standing there in the background. lol
and i review signature cards at the bank. that's what i do...