Bumping into people

Remember that mysterious ability of my mother's that I told you about last week? It happened to her again.

This time, she came with me to Hayley and Matt's children's choir concert in Lakeville in a hallway mall (seriously, this place is called a MALL and it consists of A HALL. One other hall Ts off of it, but it's really more of a corridor or aisle between walls). Anyway, no sooner did we find where we were supposed to sing, but someone in a very nice leather coat came flying over, hollering, "KATHY!" arms spread wide, blonde hair waving behind her. She caught mom up in a hug and said in typical Minnesota accent, "It's so goo-ood to seeee youuu-uh!" Turns out my mother knows the MAYOR of the city of Lakeville. My eyes rolled so far down the hall/mall, that I had to go chase them down. I just can't take her anywhere.

We used Aunt Roady to help us get to the hall/mall because last year going to the same place we got hopelessly lost. Mother is quite impressed with Aunt Roady and asked me all kinds of questions about the device and every so often, she would say, "Oh, how handy! I can see how that would be SO HELPFUL!" Now, this is NOT the mother I grew up with. The mother I grew up with would say something like "Tch! What do you need that thing for? It's a lot cheaper just to write the directions down on a piece of scratch paper! We have plenty of scratch paper. You don't need to go anywhere anyway, you can have just as much fun with a stick and a pile of dirt. Or better yet, go pick up some sticks from the back yard and sweep under the trees and comb the grass. And while you're at it, WOOOORRRRK!" (all conversations eventually led back to WOORRK! and why it was good for us and why WOOORRRKK was much better than going to the movies). So this new 2008 version of Mother still takes some getting used to. And this new version of Mother lets me drive her car and doesn't negatively critique (complete with yelling) my driving skills.

The concert went well (except the accompanist's skills left quite a bit to be desired--she was kinda bad. And by kinda, I mean really). I couldn't hear the kids very well because of my position behind the keyboard. No pictures. My excuse? Again, I was behind the keyboard and my fingers were busy.


TaterBean said…
i remember that place last time we went there there was snow all over the place...and yes we got very lost.