Making a list, checking it twice

I've got stuff I gotta do today. Lots of stuff.

1. Finish putting away the two Thanksgiving decorations I had out. (Technically, the cornucopia could count for as many as 10 or 12 decorations)
2. Put away the laundry that has been sprawling around my family room floor and making it difficult to walk around the basement.
3. Write some more on my short story. I have GOT to make this a higher priority so I can finish it.
4. Practice piano for the Children's Choir concert.
5. Take a picture of Little Red Rider in the Hood with 5 inches of snow on it. (Yes, we had some snow overnight)
6. Bug Katie about a picture.
7. Make my bed.
8. Go shopping for cocoa because WE ARE OUT OF HOT COCOA MIX! Darn kids don't tell me when we are getting low so when I want some hot cocoa, there is NOTHING TO MAKE IT WITH! I refuse to end up like my mother, drinking plain hot water and pretending to like it.
9. Knit (I gotta put some enjoyable things on my list. I've learned "yo" in knitting! "Yo" as NOT in "Yo, what up, duuuude," "yo" as in "yarn over." Gotta love youtube! I've learned several knitting techniques from it)
10. Ignore the computer. What a time gobbler-upper! The computer is so demanding and selfish of my time. I only have 16 waking hours in the day, and the computer wants to hog a hefty chunk of those hours. It's like a whiny child.


Karie said…
Amen to #10. I should get up too, as my list grows ever longer, but not before I blog!
Jen said…
I didn't get anything done on my imaginary list because I had a fun-filled day with my preschooler at her school from 8:30 until just a few minutes ago. I was signed up to co-op and then they also had a field trip to watch a play at a h.s. at 12:30. Whew, I'm wiped! However, Annie is set to arrive in 15 minutes since this is her early release day. Why do they do that, it really screws up one's schedule.

We're out of cocoa mix, too, and that really would hit the spot right now.

I learned how to crochet from You Tube. It's a wonderful place.
froggybaby said…
My list was to hide in a corner. I didn't get to it, though. I didn't even make my bed. I like you list, though. We must plan for things.