The Black Hole days

The first couple of days after Christmas are black hole days. All matter, energy, time, and motivation are sucked into a vortex of "I don't want to do anything." I didn't have to babysit yesterday, so yesterday is a strange melange of memories involving shuffling around the house looking for something to stare at.

And that is why I didn't blog yesterday and why today's entry is so lame.


Jen said…
Lame is right...j/k. But I feel exactly like you, I don't want to do anything productive. However, the laundry decided otherwise. It started chasing me down the stairs and tried to make me pass out with a deadly odor. Mike is also going to paint some walls today, so I can't totally laze around today.
froggybaby said…
I kind of had the same sort of days. We got a few errands run. We actually ran out of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve and I had to go to Target and buy 2 rolls at full price. So we went to Target on Friday and I bought a bunch of wrapping paper. Mostly we watched episodes of "The Office" and ran out and had to go to Blockbuster to get more. I guess we really miss TV. The only good out of that is a lot of knitting! I love Black Hole days. It is a new Holiday!
Better call the new holiday "Black Hole Daze." It officially starts the day after Christmas and ends on the Sunday night after that. If Christmas is on a Saturday or a Sunday, Black Hole Daze could be stretched to the following Wednesday.