Joy to the world, the sewing room is painted!

Let the sewing room receive her stuff!

Oof, it's 6:20 in the a. of m. I'm not going to try to rewrite a whole Christmas carol around the finishing of the painting of the sewing room (enough gerunds for you?) at this early hour (I'm only up because fake child arrived at 6:10 and is at present sleeping in my bed).

So Jim finished the room. Again, I would have helped but someone had to procure groceries for the family and, in doing so, had to fight crowds and wait in line for long periods of time. Bleagh. Who had the harder time, I ask you? He painted at a leisurely pace, with no one to bother him, and music he likes played in the background. I had to constantly herd a small child around and say no to requests for cookies, toys, candy, snacks, treats, sugar, more toys, and chocolate both from the fake child and from my infantile brain. And I had to brave the below zero temps and park in a crowded lot and jostle and maneuver in a crowded store and wait in line til my ears fell off from listening to muzaked Christmas songs. Then I had to whine and beg for a teenager to bring all the bags in (no I didn't. Paul was happy to help. Jimmy was conveniently visiting a friend).

Anyway, here is the room. It's quite pink.
There has been some misconception around the shoebox castle about the meaning of winter vacation. The children seem to think that it means they get to sit around and do nothing for the whole two weeks. Honestly, have they not paid attention during the countless other vacations? "Vacation from school" means "available for housecleaning." Here is a resigned teenager demonstrating MY idea of winter vacation:
Today's nativity: another sewing project. One of the sheep has since lost a jingle bell. Yes, ancient Hebrew sheep wore jingle bells around their necks to irritate the shepherds with the constant tinkling.


My sewing room is now the holding room for all of the boxes that have yet to be unpacked. I am so jealous! And a big YEAH for pink walls!!!!
froggybaby said…
It looks so inviting!! Love the pink walls. You seem to be almost as mean as me in your interpretation of "vacation." Luckily there are no major school projects, except mine. I brought work home and was to it at 7am.
Karie said…
Lovely sewing room. I am officially jealous.
mastubz said…
We have similar tastes! I made the same wall hanging x3 for me and my married girls probably 10 years ago. Where is that thing anyway?
TaterBean said…
wow...when i come home the house will be all totally different and mixed ;) dad did a good job painting the sewing room.
Jen said…
Yippee! And you took my advice to paint it powdery pink. Well, I have no idea if my suggestion had anything to do with your decision, but I will secretly always think it did:) Congrats!

I can't imagine Paul is too disappointed about having to sweep the kitchen since he has a sweeping and vacuuming fixation.