The end of an era

Jim had the day off work yesterday. Guess what he did?

That's right, kids, he added a third shelf to the closet and filled up the sewing room! I took stuff out of boxes and bags and put it all in place. I now declare The Great Room switch officially DONE!

Except I need a few more folding chairs, curtains, another cabinet, maybe some cupboards on the wall (no we are NOT moving the ones from Hayley's room upstairs. I need MORE cupboards!).

I have decided to move all of fake child's toys to this room so that I can sometimes reclaim my living room as a normal non-toy-infested space when fake child isn't here. She was a little miffed about that yesterday, but she'll get used to it. She won't play in here, but the toys will be stored in here on a shelf right by the door and next to the serger's table.


froggybaby said…
Yay!! Rejoicing, rejoicing, rejoicing. Congrats on a switch officially done. You are to be commended on you patience and long-suffering. It looks great!

word ver: partfug
Jen said…
Yippee! What a relief to finally have it all complete. Now you can start on new projects in your fancy craft room. I recall you saying you didn't think you'd have the great room switch done until next year. You beat your deadline. Good for you!
Karie said…
So pretty! I'mnotjealousI'mnotjealouI'mnotjealous.

Congrats on being done! And I love the sassy bag your...serger? in.
Mike said…
good work on accomplishing your goals. I have started to make nightly job lists for myself purely for the satisfaction of crossing off tasks. I call it 'goaling' (well I do now).
Word Ver is "catinger" which I belive is whole numbers of cats, not fractions thereof