Band track car spring

No, they are not just random words (Jenni, I am reminded of "Cheese-making beef eggs" for some reason)

Yesterday was one of those days when I wish I was two people, or that I could be two places at one time. Hayley had an honor band concert and Paul had a track meet (at my alma mater!). I chose to go to the band concert because Hayley needed me to drive her there and I wouldn't have returned from seeing Paul run in his races if I had gone to the track meet.

Here is Hayley. She looks very serious.
The honor band did a wonderful job as usual. In two weeks her regular 7th grade band will have their spring concert. She'll play bassoon (or balloon or buffoon) in concert for the first time!

On to track. Paul texted me as we were driving to the band concert that he finished 8th in the 1600m race, broke his high school's sophomore 1600m record with a 4:47 time, and with a time under 4:50, joined his high school's "Millenium Team" (I don't know what that means, other than he gets another patch for his letter jacket. And if no one else breaks his record, he gets a "record-breaker" patch for his letter jacket too), and became the top miler overall on the team, beating out even the senior runner, Justen, who was previously the team's top runner in the 1600m. So, go Paul! The next two pictures are from the meet (at my high school) and were taken by some parents who go to all the meets. So, courtesy of Stephen B's parents (I think), here are two pictures of Paul running:

When we got home from the band concert, lo and behold, angels were singing the rapturous songs of someone's car being cleaned without having been asked, told, threatened, or evil-eyed.The motivation for this cleaning was probably PROM, which is coming up this Saturday (oooh, boy, you'll be in for some serious picture viewing! Other Jim will be wearing a tux for the third time in his life!)

And here, folks, we have the beginnings of.......A GOATEE. (facepalm) Egads. He will NOT be sporting that at prom (I hope).
And for my own personal enjoyment, lilacs and apple blossoms!


Jen said…
You're too busy, as usual. Hayley does look awfully serious. I'm sure she played wonderfully though. Way to go, Paul! Only a sophomore and breaking so many records. Can those boys come clean out my car? I really need to do that, too. A goatee for O.J. Is he old enough to have facial hair? It's not possible because I still remember the little man in a tux at our wedding (1 of the 3 times he's worn one).
Jenni said…
That is a goatee? We always have facial hair discussions at school. I had a kid who looked like he was 35 and had killed people who couldn't sprout a hair to save his life, then another kid who was little and wimpy with a full beard.

Hayley did look serious. But she can smile because she and Morgan were having band concerts at the same time. Did you bring your knitting?

Congrats to Paul, we are all amazed at his fast feet.

And, I'm missing Minnesota with those pictures you posted. Floral porn!!!
Jenni said…
AND...Cheese making beef eggs. They do exist.
Dennis said…
A star is born (actually 2 stars, Hayley on her baboon and Paul's feat).
As for O.J.'s facial hair (or lack thereof) one of our bus drivers has a gotee and it looks stupid but no one has the courage to tell her.