More on eggs

An assortment of pictures from Mom's annual Saturday Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt (in which there are always WAY too many candy-filled plastic eggs)

The table decor:
Mike shows me a new pair of pants.
Jake made great food. Poached eggs on hash was the main feature.
Some boys get ready to dig in.
But Vi prefers apron strings.
The kids' table
Vi and Grandma
Owen had fun with a new toy he found.
Annie found some dried flowers
Mimi climbs the railing.
And the egg hunt is on! Annie finds one to add to her already full bucket.
Maya looks for eggs.
Owen finds an egg


Jenni said…
The bunny bread is so cute!! What a fun time for all the kids! Did your older boys go? I didn't see any pictures of them hunting eggs.
OJ was there but I didn't get any closeups of him hunting eggs. Hayley and Matt either. Paul was at a track meet, where he ran the mile in 5 minutes flat. He was excited (as excited as he can be) because that was his second best time in the mile.
Jen said…
The kids had such a good time. I'm glad that Hayley and Matt didn't mind being the egg fillers and hiders. The food was fabulous, too. We are so lucky to have brothers(-in-law) that can make such good food with ease.