Catching up

Laundry. Enough said.

However, I can say more about the trip. But not much more. We stopped at Art and Karen's house for dinner on Sunday night. Karen heard we were going to be out in UT and the minute she heard, she texted Katie asked when we were available to come over. She sure makes a person, even a related-through-marriage person and mother-of-the-person-related-through-marraige person, feel welcome. We had good conversation over dinner and after dinner. And Karen took this picture.
(ps. The sippy cup wasn't mine, I swear)

I'm still suffering from vacation brain. My grocery trip yesterday was only partially successful as in I purchased food for yesterday's dinner. However, I have not even considered what I was going to fix for the rest of the week. And the only reason I thought about dinner yesterday was because I had to make a dinner for another family. So I am going to resort to seeing what there is in the pantry (aka sewing room) and make something up.


Jen said…
So glad you guys had fun and that Karen was sweet to make you feel welcome. She really was a nice lady in CO.

Sara-I think it's time to finally come to terms with your sippy cup addiction.
Jenni said…
Of course it isn't yours. It's Katie's, she is the child.