I took Hayley to Target yesterday to buy her a new swimming suit and a watch. In the jewelry department, we sought out the watches and as we went down the first aisle of watches, she looked at the offerings and said, "I don't want a NICE watch."

You want a not-nice watch? An ugly watch? A used, dirty, slimy, icky watch? I had a good laugh at her expense after telling her that Target probably doesn't sell watches that are the opposite of "nice," and she joined in with a few giggles, after she realized that she had not adequately communicated what she was thinking.

What she meant was that she didn't want a shiny gold or silver watch that looked like it was "for show" or "looked like it was also doubling as jewelry." She wanted a timepiece with a cheap plastic and velcro watchband. Yes, a not-nice watch.


TaterBean said…
"I bought myself a real neat watch, it's a rolex"
Jen said…
Ha to Hayley. Tell her I would've gotten what she was saying. But you should try to find her a nasty, dirty well-worn watch at Bethesda Thrift just to tease her some more.