I haven't talked about shoes lately

While I know it's a very trivial subject, I feel I have strayed from one of the purposes of this blog, which was to publicly adore shoes.

I just bought some sandals yesterday. I haven't had sandals in a few years and I wanted something that would be airy during those hot 'n humid days.

These were waiting for me at Kohl's. They called my name, "Oh, Shoebox Princess! We know you're here! Come get us! We are sandals in need of feet to hug! You haven't bought new shoes in nearly a year! It's time! Get out your money and buy some sweet sweet love for your tootsies!"
Most sandals look wretched on the sausages I call feet, and my toes are always grotesque, mostly because I can't bring myself to spend money on a pedicure when kids need braces (see tomorrow's post--tomorrow of course. You can't see it today) and partially because my toenails grow at odd angles and my pinkie toenails are all but nonexistent. It's true. Ask my family members, who used to tease me about them so much that I have developed some insecurity about them. But these camouflage my toes so no one has to look at their hideous, unpedicured disfigurements.

These sandals are comfortable too. I wore them all last night and most of today and I have yet to develop a blister. No chafing, no swelling, no tired arches, no pinched toes. All good! And because of the ankle strap, they don't flop around and whap at my heels!

If you have managed to read this far, I applaud you. And I want to share with you a website for those with shoe fetishes: GO HERE


Jen said…
Oooh, me likey! I like that they are party on the top and business on the bottom (ha, just quoting a mullet). They do have a nice combo of dressy and sporty all in one. I didn't see those when I was shopping for sandals at Kohl's last week. I ended up with some wretchedly uncomfortable gladiator/wedges.
Karie said…
I need to shop at Kohl's, apparently, because those are darn cute. Not that I don't love the wedge sandals I picked up at Target, but those look so much more . . . practical! And cute! What more could you want in a shoe?
Jessie said…
You and I must have inherited the same toe genes (though, if I remember correctly, the sizes of our respective feet were quite different - you got tiny ones and I got Sasquatch ones); mine are also all crazy and the pinky toenail is minuscule. And let's not even get into the ingrown aspect of it all. Alas, the only paint I've had on toenails in the past month was some white spray paint...I can't bring myself to spend the time to do a proper home pedicure.

Also, cute shoes!!!