Paint on my hands

This little thing rolled over to my house yesterday (Friday). She is such a dolly. I gave her Cheerios, which I hear from her mother (who tagged along) is a first. Vi didn't know what to make of the Cheerios. She gummed a few and gagged on a few. I took better pics with Jen's camera, especially the shot of Vi with a Cheerio mole.
Jen gets down to business with the craft she was in charge of bringing: beribboned eggs. We both burned ourselves on the hot glue gun. Wah for us!
This is what my ribbon egg turned out likeKind of tulip-bulb-y.

Jen is very proud of her craftiness.

My craft involved painting candlesticks and wooden eggs. I used up nearly a whole can of spray paint on the sticks because I wanted them to have the look of being painted over and over again. Pay no attention to the hose in the background. Or the drainpipe. Or the satellite dish cable.One thing I learned about these bare wood craft candlesticks--they don't hold spray paint very well. I wasted a lot of paint and time trying to get the paint to stick on but it just dripped of into the drop cloth. I realized I had to prime first. That worked much better. Then the spray paint stuck.

This was the end result of my craft labors. My beribboned bouquet of eggs on sticks:
and my painted eggs on candlesticks with little flowers.
After we finished crafting and while Vi was hogging my bed, Jen and I chatted. While we chatted I fiddled with the hot glue gun, some plastic eggs, and some silk and paper flowers. The result:Today we are off to the annual egg hunt and brunch at Grandma's, a highlight of the year for the grandkids. I have special silver eggs for the big kids and there will be many many little eggs for the little kids to find. I was barred from bringing any food to the brunch and am now questioning my family's perception of my cooking skills. Of course in comparison to the chef brothers, my cooking sucks rocks. But at least I know that I can make potato salad worthy of everyone's palate. And squash buns. But I was not invited to bring either one. Woe is me. (not really)


Jessie said…
those look SO cute!!! I especially like the eggs-on-candlestick! But I like your craft days much better when I'm in attendance...
We missed you and Jenni at our craft fest. (There was chocolate in abundance, which you missed as well. I'm sorry to say I had to eat your allotment) Tell Bon to hurry up and get a job up here so you can come to more of our crafting sessions!
Jenni said…
Way cute crafts. I didn't even notice all those things until you pointeed them out!! Glad you had a fun time!
Jen said…
Loved that we could do this and how everything turned out. When are you coming my way so I can host one of these "events". Jessie and Jenni are invited, too:)